Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back to Baby #1

I've been so excited about baby #2 that I haven't thought to post any updates about our 1 year old Charlotte. She recently had her 1st year check-up at the doctor...I had my fingers crossed that she'd be 20 lbs so she could start facing forward in her carseat. Turns out, since her 9 month appointment she only gained 5 0z...putting her at 17 lbs, 10 oz! I almost cried...partially because the nurse that measured and weighed her came back into the room abruptly, like she was doing a double take, and said, "I'm going to measure her again. She was 28 inches the last time she was in here." And then..., "Hm, but I guess she didn't gain much weight either. You're just growing slowly." My first thought was that I wasn't feeding her enough, or at least enough of the right things. But what can you do when baby doesn't want what you give her?

The doctor actually said that some babies who drink a lot of juice can end up leveling out weight wise, instead of growing, because the juice doesn't have any fat or protein. (Oops! Our baby loves juice.) But now she's old enough to have whole milk, so I can start weaning her a little...but enter problem #2: Charlotte refuses to drink whole milk. I actually thought she might want it warmed up, since she's used to breast milk. I tried that...she gagged. I don't blame her, but now I'm trying to figure out just how much cheese and yogurt I'll have to feed her to make up for her picky dairy diet. I also read that some babies like rice milk...but I have no idea where to even look for that.

Anyway, while she's being picky, baby #2 has decided that I can once again eat just about anything my heart desires without feeling sick. That means coffee...oh sweet coffee...I can start drinking you again, in moderation of course. The only thing I'm still on the fence about is my peanut butter and pistachios...oh well.

Hopefully we'll both eat well this week- we're taking a vacation with Jeff's family in Wyoming! I'm sure they'll be more on that later.

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