Saturday, June 26, 2010

Charlotte and #2

So I have some exciting news...drum roll, if you please... I found out I'm expecting baby #2!! I'm about 11 1/2 weeks along, and sooooo excited. We had an ultrasound at 7 weeks that confirmed the pregnancy- and may I say that the baby is absolutely adorable, even as an unrecognizable bloblet. (Of course that's not a word, but if you spend any amount of time around kids you can turn any normal word into a cuter word and get away with it.)

I was trying not to tell everyone till closer to 12 weeks...partially because this pregnancy comes with extra challenges. Having type 1 diabetes means additional risks for the baby, even though I've been controlling my blood sugars pretty well so far. Of course I get the joy of seeing my doctors so much more the end of the pregnancy I'll be at my Ob/Gyn twice a week, and at the Endocrinologist at least twice a month. (Um, yes... Thank you God for insurance.) And I get to go to Uconn for a Fetal Echo...the purpose of which I'm still not quite sure of. And on top of all this, I was only really nauseous for 4-5 days...only threw up once...and then suddenly I was better. (This worried me a little, although I was still having an aversion to coffee and peanut butter which are usually my I figured there still had to be a baby to blame for that.)

Also...we figured we'd delay the deluge of pregnancy questions for awhile. (The, "How are you feeling-s" and "When do you find out the gender-s?") Which reminds me, we are totally hoping to be strong and NOT find out the gender this time. I've been told I'll have to have another C-section, and since labor isn't going to be a surprise...I think I'd like the gender to be. With Charlotte I realllly wanted a girl, but with this baby I feel like I'd be truly happy with either one. Although, as usual, we have two pretty perfect girls names picked out...and about a dozen boys names that we can't seem to turn into amazing names. You really want to pick a name and have a warm fuzzy about it...or at least be able to picture yelling the full name in a grocery store to stop your child from knocking over a display of pickle jars. And to top it off, it has to sound good with the name "Charlotte"...or at least not clash. (Ex: Charlotte and Alyssa*= compatible, Charlotte and Scarlett*= incompatible...unless they were twins.)
*Neither of these names are potential finalists.

Buuuut, I had another appointment yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat (although, as if the baby was trying to give me a heart attack...he/she decided to play hide and seek so it took the doctor 2 minutes to find the heartbeat. Ok, maybe it was 30 seconds, but it felt like forever.)
So that's the big news... and if we stay strong, this baby may be called #2 until it's due date...well, that would be Jan. 13th, but the baby will actually come at least a week early I'm told. (One thing I will consider of a perk of the C-section....I don't have to be huge forever!)

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