Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby's Mount Everest

In the entirety of our house their is basically one step, which separates our bedroom from the kitchen. Why we would possibly want to be a whole step beneath (and therefore further away from) all the food is beyond me. Although perhaps I burn off a few extra calories a day going up and down it.

Well today I sat my baby Charlotte on the carpet in our bedroom right next to the step into the kitchen. She seemed intrigued by this step...she smacked it with her hands (which she must do to everything now on the off chance that it is in fact a drum) and then she tried to pick up one of the nails that hold it into the floor. (The nail head wasn't even protruding from the wood...but she's confident that she can pick up and eat anything that is roughly the same size as a cheerio.)

The only thing she didn't seem willing to do was try to crawl up the step. Perhaps this makes sense, because she's resigned herself to the army crawl. She occasionally gets on her hands and knees, but apparently only to scope out what's in front of her...if she's going anywhere it's with those chubby little arms pulling her and those little toes trying to help as best they can.

Well I thought I'd back up a little bit on the kitchen floor and give her an incentive to climb the step. Apparently she was fine without me, because she kept right on pounding on the step.

Then I put a cell phone on the kitchen floor a few feet from the step. Oh my goodness that child found a way to climb that at break neck speed. She didn't falter...she didn't look puzzled for minutes trying to determine how to get up the step...she didn't really seem to notice that she had gone UP a step at all. But she made it to the cell phone.

This baby is going to know more about technology by the time she's 2 than I did at the age of 12. And I imagine when she starts potty training I'll have to bribe her with a blackberry.

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